Is print design dead? No (at least not yet). But in an ever-growing, digital-first world, it can be tempting to focus your marketing efforts and budgets online, but don’t be so quick to discard print just yet.

Over the last decade or two, I’ve been hearing about how print media is dying and everything is going digital. And yes, digital is the dominant communication method, but that doesn’t mean the two mediums can’t co-exist. And when you’re looking at your options for marketing, think about multichannel (using print platforms along with digital).


The Current State of Print Design

We’ve all seen the first-hand effect that digital has had on print-media – newspapers and magazines have downsized, transitioned to web-based content, or just simply ceased operations altogether. Focus, efforts, and budgets have all gone digital, with over half of ad/marketing budgets spent on digital, and expected to reach two-thirds by 2023, according to The Washington Post.

But this paradigm shift will not spell the end of print design; it should be seen as one part of a larger, more encompassing marketing effort.


The Value of Print Design

With people skimming content online, you have a shorter window to get the message home. With print, people tend to read more of the content more thoroughly. And with how easy it is to send an email to the trash bin or to click out of a website, the ability to refer back to a print piece is easier than digital as well.

Print materials can stimulate the senses of both sight and touch instead of just sight with digital, and having tactile pieces of marketing materials that people can actually hold in their hands can help turn that lead into a customer. There are also a lot of cool printing effects to give an added wow factor, from spot gloss, silver/gold foil, embossment, and different card stocks. has a whole bunch of awesome printing options for your consideration.


Adding Print Design to Your Marketing Efforts

While it may not be the driving force that it once was, print design is still a great part of your overall marketing strategy. Print can be used at the top of your marketing funnel. Direct mail, posters/flyers, business cards, and ads can all be used as the catalyst to generate brand awareness, driving people to your website or to call your phone number. Like with any other aspect of your marketing, take the time to consider what the message is you’re trying to send, and what the best way to send it is. Be multi-dimensional with your efforts.

If you’re running a promotion, it could be a good idea to send out a direct mail piece, and also use the same design in an email newsletter format or take elements of the design to create social media content or display ads – keeping everything consistent across platforms (like in one of my recent projects). Good marketing campaigns create cohesive messaging across multiple platforms, the big trick is finding out the ratio and focus of your efforts.


Looking to give your print materials a boost? Or integrate them with your digital efforts? Let’s talk about it!