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I’ve always enjoyed learning new skills, but is it going to help with the job search in the long run? You’re more than just a designer, you’re also a developer, content writer, and marketing strategist.

Unless you’re exclusively freelancing, you don’t have to be a master of all trades, but understanding how all these work together helps with the end result.

I currently intern a digital marketing agency, focusing on designing content for a variety of B2B clients. In the team, there are marketing strategists, web developers, and content writers. The strategists know some HTML, CSS, and PHP, and the copywriter is proficient with Photoshop.


They aren’t learning these tools to undermine their coworkers, but to help them and understand all parts of the marketing process. They understand why the developer used a certain software, or why the copywriter chose certain keywords, or why I gave particular content emphasis in my designs.

It all works together, and having a basic understanding of how all the steps work together creates a more efficient workflow. You’re creating consistency and a stronger message for the consumer.

Besides workflow for the team, there are a few other benefits to being a jack-of-all-trades:

Picking Up the Slack

If your copywriter is out sick, but a new SEO article is scheduled to be published, you have the basic know-how to finish it under a deadline. Or if I’m not in the office, someone else can create a featured image in Photoshop to put in a blog article.

You’re Built for Leadership

Understanding all the processes is important if you’re in charge of a project. Even if you’re not competent in all the steps, have a basic understanding and reasoning behind the process results in better decision making.

You can be a jack-of-all-trades, but make sure you’re a master at one.

I’m more than just a designer; comfortable with both web development and copywriting, but that’s not my passion. Design – what I love doing – is just one piece of a bigger puzzle, and understanding how I fit with the other pieces helps me create better work.

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