Why and How to Keep a Consistent Brand

Consistent Brand

It’s pretty important to keep a consistent brand for your business. Brand consistency means that whether it’s print or online – or your physical office/work space – that it all looks cohesive and part of one piece. If your online presence resembles nothing like your print collateral, then you’re undermining your business.

Why You Need a Consistent Brand

As I just stated, brand consistency reinforces itself, not contradicts itself. If you’re using a particular layout, color palette or layout for your print efforts, then your digital efforts should match. Undermining your own efforts can result in loss of profit. Customers need to instantly recognize your brand no matter the platform.

If it is inconsistent, it can confuse your prospective clients; they could mistake it for another brand (something you never want to happen).

How to Have a Consistent Brand

Think Baseline’s branding for Rockpoint Commerical is an amazing example of how to deliver consistency across all platforms, print, digital, and environmental. Think about what industry your brand is in, and how many different applications your brand will need. A restaurant will need different branding guidelines (restaurant decor that matches printed menus and their website) a tech a company (consistent app and web formats).

Once you find out all the different ways your brand could be used, you can start planning how to use these different applications to compliment and reinforce each other.

Do you have the same colors and imagery for your website and office? Good.

Using the same fonts and colors used in print and online? Awesome.

Do all your platforms look like they belong to the same company? You’re in good shape!

There’s a lot that goes into making a good brand, and I’m here to help. Reach out to me if you have any questions about your brand!

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