Looking to give your business a spark? Having branded, professionally designed content can help turn leads into customers.

This mix of print and digital marketing collateral can give your business an edge in your industry, helping you look more professional, stand out from the crowd, and generate new business.



Having professionally designed stationery is a great way to add a sense of legitimacy to your business. Your brand should be consistent across all touchpoints, so it’s important to have stationery that works together as a branded package, while also being able to stand alone as an accurate representation of your brand.

While we live in a digital-first world, having tangible materials that can be left behind after a meeting are invaluable. You can get creative wiyh paper stocks, and printing effects such as gold or silver foil, or spot gloss to give your print materials a little extra ‘wow factor.’ Whether you need business cards, letterheads, stickers or notecards, check out Moo, they have you covered.



Whether they’re print or digital, having one or multiple brochures or booklets that highlights what your company is, and your services, is a great way to educate potential customers. If you don’t have that much content to use (only a few paragraphs), a brochure is the way to go. I personally prefer a bifold brochure as opposed to a trifold so that each page can have more white space, making it easier to read.

If you have more to talk about or want each section/service to have its own page, consider having a booklet. These are a little easier to digest since the content is more spread out. If you decide to have these print and not digital, Moo doesn’t have many options for multi-page documents, but Primoprint and VistaPrint are worth checking out.



These ebooks aren’t the same as the ones on your Kindle, marketing ebooks are used to deliver industry-relevant information to potential customers. For example, an accounting and bookkeeping company might have an ebook discussing tax preparations and what small businesses need to take into consideration when reviewing finances.

Ebooks can be read on any digital platform (computer, tablet, mobile, etc.), and are often downloaded after the reader submits their name and email address and on occasion some other contact information. They are a great way to generate new leads and highlight your company’s expertise or reputation.


White Papers/Case Studies

These can also be print pieces you hand out, or digital downloads similar to ebooks.

This is where you can show potential customers and clients what you’ve done. White papers, case studies, success stories – whatever you want to call them, focus less on yourself, and more on the benefits the client or customer received. While brochures and booklets talk more about yourself, these materials should position yourself as the guide for other’s success.

Discuss the problem presented, and how you helped solve it. Try to include any measurable outcomes or before and after results like money saved or business growth.

Ready to give your business a boost in 2020? Let’s talk about getting you some professionally designed marketing collateral today!