First Job Out of College

First Job Out of College

After applying to over 300 jobs (not a typo) I was given two offers. I picked a longer commute for a higher pay and better benefits.  So now, I am at an HR outsourcing firm in the marketing department as a content marketing coordinator. This is a fancy way of saying social media coordinator and website content creator. I would give this a 7.5/10 on the dream job scale. An 8/10 would be for a B2C (brand to consumer) company rather than the B2B (brand to brand) I’m at right now. A 9/10 would be doing the same thing for a non-profit, and a 10/10 would be doing the same thing for myself and freelancing.

For me, my first job out of college is probably a lot different than what most would experience. My boss recognizes that this isn’t a place that I want to work forever, and encourages me to push the boundaries of my position. He keeps asking me what I plan to do next and how he can help me get there. There is no pressure to stay onboard for an extended amount of time. It’s very much focused on improving myself and my skills.

I work 8-5 with generally a good bit of flexibility. I am allowed to work on what I want to learn and work on. Typically for me, this means working on pieces for the newsletter and scheduling social media postings, but also conducting research on how we can improve social media engagements and overall web clickthroughs.

My ultimate career goal is to help others improve their social media sites and create my own content that explains all of that. This is a major stepping stone in that direction. I would estimate that I spend 3 hours a day researching how to improve our brand with the other five implementing improvements and other odds and ends that I am required to do.

Overall, I would say my first job out of college it’s not what I expected at all. Honestly, a lot of my day is spent researching the types of stuff I would research on my own time. I have permission to be creative and try new things, it’s even encouraged. If something could help my company in any way, shape, or form, there’s a want for me to do that. I have fresh eyes, I’m not tainted by advanced company knowledge and years of experience, a new voice and they want me to thrive.

My advice for anyone about to enter the workforce, or thinking about job offers: find a place that wants you to thrive. It’s comforting going into work every day knowing that it’s not going to be forever, but while I’m waiting for my forever position I have the opportunity to grow. Find people that want to help you achieve your goals and will help you get there.

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