Event branding + Social Media Stories

Recently I have been exploring the field of event branding & marketing; it’s something I find highly interesting and rewarding and is a niche I’d love to get into upon graduation.

A Snapchat filter I designed for the Baltimore Orioles.

It may be that I’m your average millennial, but I think that Snapchat filters for events are a perfect way to create involvement with your audience during the event. I feel it adds a bit of flavor and attitude to your event and helps separate it from the pack.

Now, there is plenty more that goes into branding and promoting an event – both before, during, and after – but I feel that Snapchat (and now Instagram and Facebook) have an untapped potential to help promote brands and events.

It’s more or less free advertisement for your event; if a user posts a story with your brand/event’s filter on it, everyone that follows them will see it, you’re able to use your publics’ engagement to introduce your brand to a new audience.