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I wanted to challenge myself to rebrand an established company. I saw an opportunity with a Verizon rebrand. Although their current logo is better than the previous, I feel that they missed the chance to make their signature check mark more integrated with the text.

For this branding study, I choose a bold, all caps, sans typeface to grab customers attention; other mobile carriers use lower case or title case, so this was a means to stand out. Pairing it with another sans-serif to compliment the headline font helps keep a modern look for the tech giant. The check mark is now a part of the ‘V’ and can stand alone as an icon, along with other iconography to expand the brand.

I wanted to see how far I could expand a brand as big as Verizon. There is stationery and environmental collateral for the stores, a new website landing page, uniforms and company cars for employees, and advertisement and sales.

Previous logos

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Having a strong digital presence is vital for a brand like Verizon, from a desktop site, to a mobile app, to PPC advertisement and sponsored social media content.


Although there is a focus on digital, environmental design can still be useful. Bold, short statements can grab a busy customer’s attention. Signage, employee uniforms, and company vehicles all represent the Verizon brand.

verizon shirtverizontruck1.jpgverizontruck2

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