Branding Your Fingerprint

The marketplace is as competitive as ever and with more and more companies competing for the same customers, you have two options:

Stand out or get lost in the crowd.

Your brand is more than just a logo, it’s your fingerprint. It needs to be as unique as you are. It’s vocabulary, color palette, imagery, personality, and more.

There’s a lot of different definitions of what a brand is, but they all have a same general idea; it’s a mix of aesthetic, voice, and personality. There’s a lot that goes into a brand, and it takes more than a Vistaprint logo to have a brand. When branding your fingerprint, you have to think of all the variables:

  • How will it look both in print and online?
  • What tone and voice are you looking to give your writing?
  • Will your office space or company vehicles reinforce or brand? Or contradict it?
  • What is the first thing you think of when you hear about your brand?

Moving forward, if you decide you’re ready to rebrand your business (or consider branding for the first time), there are a few things to consider when talking with your designer:


Good design has a purpose. There are logic and reasoning behind every font choice, color, and every element. As a client, understand that ‘I think it looks pretty,’ is not a justifiable reason for any branding decision. Design is creative, but it is also science.


The big names will agree, emotion is vital to the brand experience. You want people to feel something when they think of your brand. McDonald’s, Apple, Ford. When you read these names, chances are something popped into your head? Make people feel when they hear or see your brand (the opposite of good emotion is not bad, it’s indifference).


If your brand lacks consistency, whether it’s visual, grammatical, social media presence, or personal (such as following up on emails or calls), it will cause you to suffer. A consistent and persistent brand is what wins loyalty.

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